Activity Tracking

Advanced activity tracking features

Monitoring staff performance has never been so easy, track total time, active, idle, and typing time. Not to mention, our reporting feature makes it so easy to view staff performance at scale and take action.

Account for every minute
Track time worked by your staff.
View messages
Staff messages are logged and are a great way to measure activity, and performance throughout activity checks.
Advanced reporting
Our views feature makes it easy to view staff performance at scale, export spreadsheets, and take action.
User tags
Designate special tags to user based off your own metrics and desires
Adanved activity tracking features

Remote Admin

Manage your games from our dashboard

View sessions, notify, kick, and ban users from our dashboard

Manage your games
Manage your games from our dashboard
Kick/Ban Users
Kick or ban users from our dashboard in real-time
View active sessions
View players sessions, and monitor chat logs and other pertinent information

Staff Management

Manage staff at scale

View reports, manage abscenses, and monitor staff performance

Manage staff
Manage staff activity to make data-driven decisions
Manage abscenses
Manage abscenses
Punish bad performance
With warnings, suspensions, and terminations automate the tedious jobs like deranking/reranking.
View reports
Create and view reports


Hire the best canidates

ReAdmin offers advanced form options like quiz-mode, auto-ranking, Discord messaging, and more.

Apply Online
Allow your canidates to apply online.
Quiz-mode allows you to create a quiz for your canidates to take.
Auto-ranking allows you to automatically rank your canidates based off their responses.
Discord messaging
Discord messaging allows you to message your canidates directly from our dashboard.
Customizable forms
Customizable forms allow you to create forms that fit your needs.

Plus way more,
Start managing with innovation today.

ReAdmin is the most advanced staff management system on the market. With features like activity tracking, remote admin, staff management, and applications, ReAdmin is the only staff management system you'll ever need.