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“ReAdmin is a powerful staff management resource that efficiently and effectively tracks staff, enabling us to make data-driven decisions for our group.”

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ReAdmin is constantly working on new innovative features to make runnning groups and large teams easier.

Remote Admin

With ReAdmin's Activity Tracking, gain unparalleled insights into user performance and behavior across your games. This feature allows you to monitor user sessions, and provides detailed analysis to optimize your staff's performance. Not to mention, gives you remote control to notify, kick, and ban users remotely from our innovative dashboard.

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Staff Management

ReAdmin revolutionizes staff management by offering robust tools to oversee and coordinate your team effectively. From setting granular permissions for security to managing tasks and write-ups, this feature ensures your staff operates efficiently, enhancing productivity and team collaboration.

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Activity Tracking

ReAdmin's Activity Tracking elevates your ability to monitor large-scale user interactions within your games. It's designed to handle tens of thousands of users simultaneously, providing real-time data and insights, which is crucial for making informed decisions and improving overall game dynamics.

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ReAdmin is continously innovating and working with groups to find ways to make running groups easier. We understand that time is valuable, and we want to make sure your team spends more time doing what they love.

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Activity Tracking
Monitor staff performance such as minutes, and messages throughout sessions, and break them into easy to understand distributions.
Generate reports of staff performance across sessions, and export them to CSV/JSON for further analysis.
Remote Admin
Manage games in real-time, notify, kick and ban users with ease.
Manage warnings, suspensions, and bans from our dashboard and have it automate the tedious actions like deranking/reranking.
Absence Management
Manage staff abscenses, and have it automatically update their status in the dashboard.
Granular Permissions
Lock down features to specific departments, and manage permissions with ease.

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